cutoutthechip by Bilious

cutoutthechip by

Date: 9/13/2006 Views: 7792 Favorites: 13 Comments: 7


Doodles of when Billy actually tries to cut out the microchip in the back of Jamal's spine with a bit of glass- yeah, I still say Jamal's screwed. D: We'll see how the revolution can go with a paralized tiger-man and a crippled octopus-man!


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Viva la Revolution!


Wicked tiger faces. Gotta admit, it's about time the evil geniuses started putting their control implants in places where removal would cause death or severe incapacitation...


Damn... that really sucks for Jamal. Of course, considering that he is still transforming.. perhaps his spine will regenerate? :D


Koldsteel- we can hope the labs can do SOMETHING for him at least! D:


God....that is brutal just looking at it. I have no idea why I find Billy so damn funny though...maybe it's the beak/overbite and expressions he gets. Love the expressions on all the characters by the way.


Man, Jamal's face on the bottom is so expressive that you can hear the roar of pain in your head. Awesome expressions.


ouch... thats gotta hurt!