Hello, my name's Michael and I'm an alcoholic. er.. wait. No, damnit Mike that class is on Sundays. Sundays man!

Ahem. Howdy, I'm an artist guy. I'm an artist and such. I'm also a guy. If my pseudonym was any more clever it might explode with an overabundance of awesome. Moving on, I was on this site as an artist a long while back in the distant past of 2008. I was new to posting stuff online and didn't know how to deal with 'them internets' so at the first sign of an arguement I left. It's ok, apparently they have treatments for thin skin called learning to let shit go. After talking with Cobalt K, who I've affectionately nick-named Blue, I decided it was time to give another try on Transfur. I hope you'll enjoy my stuff as I enjoy my stay here. Ego powers AWAY!


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Commission Orders

Contact me for current status and more information

For more detailed information please read this journal entry on my dA page:

Prices are as follows and are subject to change:

Single page- $10

Comic page- $15

Ink- +$5

Additional character- +$5 (inking on the character +$5)

As for content that will not be accepted (but not limited to):

No mature work and no genitalia. None. If you've seen my stuff you'll get an idea of what I will and will not do.