rainstormsm by Arania

rainstormsm by

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Sequence commission for Silverfox :3. This is his character, Luna, an original aquatic creature design, and her origin story as she becomes... well, you'll see :3 A dreamer and a woman easily taken advantage of, she eventually wound up on the streets with her only possession being an old journal. At the end of her rope, in the middle of a drenching rainstorm, something magical happens... And yay also for working on my backgrouns ^.^ Now Complete.


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Wow... the coloring on this is VERY nice. Nice job arania.


Yes, looks like a whole new medium. Very good direction you're going, the shadowing frames the story really well.


I generally don't comment, but I have to say this is clearly the best work you've produced yet. Great job.


Yea wow, I've followed your work for a while and this is the best artistry you've done. Can't wait to see the rest of it


Damn, it's like CGI... The bar is set very high at this moment.


um.... wow.... I'm speachless...


Coloring is very nice, needs more work on anatomy and pose, very stiff and flat...


Maybe, or maybe not... but it IS a great improvement. Keep it up!


You need to drop the horizon line by about half.


She doesn't, actually. It's a general perspective rule that when viewing a person of your height from a normal viewpoint (neither above nor below), their eyeline will intersect the horizon. So she's slightly shorter than we are.


what is she tfing into?


well it cerntley has a lot of fealing i can tell that she is sad and depresed


Definitely. Especially if you read her diary.


great work. your best work yet.


I'm guessing a kappa, given the rainstorm element of the transformation.


Wow. You once again overdid all your older art, as said. Good job! (Can't wait to see the rest.)


I agree. The best of your work I've seen. Can't wait to see what she becomes!


It'll be suprising, I say that much. :3 Awesome sequence...


The color is outstanding. It's a shame that your perspective hasn't improved similarly. :(


Arania, your style keeps getting better and better over time. Keep up the wonderful work.


Woo, page 3. Looks great so far :D




Huh... dragon?


Oooh, she's starting to look good on pic 3! Great stuff. :D


Now you've caught my attention - scaly tfs are the best kind :D


It's not a dragon guys. I knowwww what it is though. XD


I hope its a dragon....


Got to love this kinda deceiving tf's when one can't make the heads or tails where it is heading. Dragons are boring tho, so... :P


I don't want to say, but I thought we could not post copyrighted characters on this site. The company that makes the game I think this is from is still in business. Nevertheless, this is one of my FAVORITES from that series! (if my hunch is right)


I'm with this guys, I think I know what it is... but yeah, not saying. :D If need be, at least you can 'say' it's something else. ;) *Downloads images just in case*


You say 4 and 5 are up, but I only see 4. It's an interseting sequence anyway.


Man, she's looking great! Can't wait to see 5.


Yay dragon! ^-^ Very impressive detail and shading


Ichide - only up to 4 is up (four of five, not four and give). And the design is similar to what I know you are referring to - but the creature is actually an original design by the commissioner created independently, and has several key differences from even an anthro version of said creature. I won't get into details until the final image is posted for, well, obvious spoiler reasons, however.


I don't really care *what* she turns into.... it's from Arania, which means a *quality* sequence!!


Dang, that's incredible so far!


(you could have just looked where it was filed under the Species list here: http://www.transfur.com/Gallery/Species.aspx )


I'll be perfectly honest, I am quite dissapointed, I don't like hybrids, expecially ones of different animal groups, Hence I haven't enjoyed most of Arania's recent work.


Agreeing with Reaper. Best TF I've seen in a while.


The art's good enough and it's what the commissioner asked for, so obviously he's happy. I just kinda wish that talent could be applied to something that, y'know, *made sense*. A dragon would have made the perfect symbol for emotional and physical freedom, but what's supposed to happen now? What kind of future has she got? There doesn't seem to be any reason to this - that joy's going to last until either the rain stops and she dries out, or until she to leave that alleyway and gets screamed at for being a mutant. Hm.


Yes, and becoming a dragon would instead bring unconditional love. No armed troops, no fighter planes, no fools certain that a dragon has a hoard by definition. Oh, and pigs just flew by. Any transformation of any type not easily concealed is going to get the same reaction as a vaporeon, if you really want to be realistic about it. Maybe she's a pokemon fanatic, or has just always felt a deep attachment to open waters. Regardless, she is happy now, and that's about all we the people Arania is showing commission work are meant to see or trouble ourselves with, right? Let the commissioner worry about making it all end well; I'm sure it does, whether his half-formed story makes sense to others or not.


*sighs* Not sure why I bothered to ask that this be put up. The original creature I designed was called a 'Luminari', a very similiar creature to Vaporeon, but not meant to be identical - unfortunately, the character design was still in progress when I did this commission, so I sent the details I had and had that. Unfortunately, it seems that I failed at making a noticable difference to the design. At the moment, the changes from Vaporeon would include the removing of the neck fin, the difference in color, the ear design being different, and the change from paws to webbed feet...oh, well. As for the story itself, that 'diary' down there is actually a journal where she keeps her life stowed away - after being left homeless with little more than that journal and remaining pen, she writes down the last description she had in mind, then sits down to wait out the rest of her existance. Since she has blurred the line between fantasy and reality for so long, the last wish -


People, please don't whine that you didn't get to see the change you wanted. Silverfox got what he commissioned, and that's what the sequence is. If you wanted a dragon change so badly, commission one yourself, or for certain among you who I know draw, make it yourself. As far as this being 'like' a vaporeon, so? I've seen plenty of drawings of things 'like' trademarked characters, if not here on DeviantArt and other art sites. I'm sure if I looked long and hard on here, I'd find something similar. Anyway, good work, Arania, your backgrounds especially are showing improvement.


I love it.. end of story


Luna's looks very pretty. You like it, Silverfox? So to those who appreciate it. I don't know why there are so many comments hating it because it looks more like a pokemon and not a dragon. If you have art ability, draw. If you have money, get what you want.


this one is cool i dono what the hell she's turning into but hey good work.


I thnk its very good Work! Everybody paint Dragons but not everybody paint a own style-thing like THIS ! Pretty good work , like it very much and sry 4 my bad english ^^


Very pretty she turned out to be!


Very nice tf, all in all. As for the species debate... personally, I love pokémon tfs, so this is one of the closest I can get. But as it always is with me; species does not really matter that much as the story behind and gorgeus artwork.


Umm... I think she looks more like a Vaporeaon


MORE POKEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


it sooo reminds me of a vaporeon (there is no 'a' in the name Zaydin)


Copyrighted material in our backyard, huraphuhuh *Takes of your monocle* It's more likely than you think!


one of the best anthro realistic pokemon TF's in ages! *APPLAUSE*


I love this peice! Nice job on the backround.