shenzi by Arania

shenzi by

Date: 8/6/2007 Views: 43397 Favorites: 224 Comments: 11


This is "Shenzi", Satin Regret's IoDM character - the stylish bohemian singer who wound up on the island with another mythical-synthesized serum. This is one of the few IoDM sequences I did in real media, this one completely colored pencils with a few acrylic/gel pen touches.


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Now this is an interesting outcome, and in own way, a blessing if she learns to master the vocal control.


wierd when I saw the last fame I thought she could be a good mailman (or woman). Still I really like this one.


very nice! keep this up!


Wonderful Gryphon TF! (even if the naked wings in the third panel are a bit creepy...) 7@=e


the poses are looking a little bit more natural, and your perspective (especially with the pose inthe first picture) is becoming a lot more realistic. of course... as realistic as one can get when dealing with a changing form!


I aggree, the quality of your art is definitly improving greatly over time. Also, do artists get notified when someone posts a coment, or do they have to check back all the time? Just curious.


Thanks, guys :D And bend, you can check a certain link to see a list of all the recent comments, so that's nice so you don't have to check each individual piece periodically :3


You are amazing at RL media. I like this so much more than your CG style, though I do like your CG style a lot. Great TF! Captured the character just smashingly!


ok this is so awsome y cant that hapan to me


It was very well detailed, I qlso think griffins are aaaaawwwwwwwweeeeeesssssssssooooooooommmme :p


Great job!! I love the detail on the feathers and fur.