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This is Nicky, a mafia-style gangster who was getting too close to the truth behind some of the drugs that Feral Labs was using back in the states before they had worked out the kinks. Brought to the island he became the test subject for another rather unique serum.... >3 I'll be uploading a few completed IoDM sequences here in the next week or two which the owners' have seen the final versions of already.


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These recent TFs are weird, but oddly sexy. Keep up this amazing quality! ;p


awesome stuff! reminds me of some great horror flicks - yet you're clearly producing some original work here :) nice!


that was a very cool one, the mouths growing out of the shoulders in the third panel particularly. It's a pity that IODM thing just suddenly ended, it'd be interesting to see how someone would rp this.


what did happen to IODM? I guess im retarded cause i cant find the information about it closing ><


This creeped me out. Well done!


what they said


I like how the 2 heads form. Good work.


I approve of strange, and cerberus TFs have always been a favorite of mine. Are the new heads self-controlled? Their expressions look a lot more feral than the center head's in the final frame. He may need to train them. Or perhaps vice versa. :)


Mweef - Heh, I will admittedly say that I took some influences from "The Thing" - which had some awesomely creepy effects >3. And Bryan - yeah, I would imagine that the extra heads, as they are "new" and formed purely from the serums that they would have the -potential- for higher-than-average intelligence for a canine, but would be much more canine than anything else, and would need to be trained in a way, or at least much more instinct-based than the original head- though would probably be able to recognize the other two as part of the same 'self'. But that's just my envisionment.


This would have been so cool to see RPed out. :C Lookit dem hedz in the fourth panel. All snarly and snappy.


did he turn into a girl? in the 3rd frame you see him grow more nipples and i wasn't sure. either way it looks great. very creative.


ok thats sick nice job


Love love love LOVE your art. Keep up the good work.


Oh my, a hell hound.


Did he turn into a female because he has 6 nipples.