AlWerewolfConcept by Antherios

AlWerewolfConcept by

Date: 4/25/2006 Views: 4369 Favorites: 9 Comments: 2


A quick n' messy sketch of one of my characters as a werewolf (as you can probably tell, I got really lazy on the figure on the right). I will probably draw more of him, because he's adorably scrawny. The idea thusfar is that he will be turned into a werewolf under a curse/blessing from the Russian witch, Baba Yaga.


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Ummm. I have read about BabaYaga. Its got to be a blessing. (For giving her blue roses) If you go "huh?" now so take some time and read about Baba Yaga. *thumbs up*


Oh, I've done plenty of reading about ol' Baba Yaga, including a writeup for her for this one MUSH. :) And... this character is from the MUSH I've written up Baba Yaga for, and there's a reason why she chose for him to become a werewolf. ;3 Now I just need to think of a good, silly trigger... maybe he can transform every time he sneezes or something like that. XD