daddysnewformula by Angrboda

daddysnewformula by

Date: 11/14/2005 Views: 50201 Favorites: 291 Comments: 24


After the success they'd had with his first syrums, Katherine Vulpine just couldn't resist trying out her daddy's new formula. Sorry for the sort of in-joke: see "what the fox". PS: Please help me; it appears that I CANNOT STOP DRAWING.


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Sorry, but I'll certainly not going to help you on that. ;-)


i think this is an artist illness ^^


Looks like you're up over 250k hits now. wtg.


Wow, that's both cute and hot. Very cool style.


And here's to hoping you never stop!


we love your style of drawing! why would we help you stop? lol :)


Help u stop? You draw realy nice!


This is a very nice picture, I see no flaws, that is what an artist should try to achieve, no noticable flaws, you appear to have succeeded, very nice work, I love it *^_^*


Nice work. She looks awesomely HOT!


First off, as everyone else has said, don't stop drawing, please! But secondly, I'd want to point out that you're one of the most talented artists I've seen in the genre in a while. I'd put you right up there with Lobo Leo and (the MIA) Pilot. Please, keep up the good work!


That looks really awesome! Your style is amazing, please don't stop drawing. ^^


Thanks, everyone. "I cannot stop" as in "even though I have ten thousand other things I SHOULD be doing, I'm drawing instead, arggghh" I would never want to stop drawing entirely, but sometimes life wins out, i.e, this past summer :/


hey if you were not drawing you be doing somthing else that you didn't want to do but were forced into it, like (insert whatever).


Very good pic, but I honestly think it looks more like a cat than a fox.


The detail on the hair. The pads on the feet. The expression. The tail outline on the skirt. There are so many things I love about this, it was hard to pick what I liked the most. But in the end I picked: "That the artist can't stop drawing". That should be everyone's favorite part. ^_^


fine by me. try a boy next. =D this is a very strong picture by the way. it has a clarity and compact quality of line that I enjoy. and on careful contemplation I have no suggestions for improvement, which is new for me. =)


Kacen-You're right: it is a cat. The "vulpine" reference is to her father- Dr. Vulpine, who I guess is some kind of geneticist. He is mentioned in the first panel of a sequence of mine- I guess it was a running gag. Puck- I'm glad you like the paws. After catching flack for my paws I was attempting to improve them.


Super Hot. Could I have some of her daddy's new formula please?


I like the facial expression. It seems to read "Hmm. Curious". Great stuff


I especially love the facial expression.


Aw. What a touching, cute piece. n.n Glad to see new work from ya!


very nice and good work and the face and feet!


Uhh. Hot. Incredibly hot.


me gusta la gata mucho.