Cave of Wonders - Commission by Ametf

Cave of Wonders - Commission by

Date: 11/14/2014 Views: 10601 Favorites: 76 Comments: 3

Ripped Clothing

Commission comic for Nightfirer on FA.

A cave expedition gets hairy!

Character (c) Nightfirer

Art(c) Me


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Neat, I like the sequence. If I may be so critical that looks more like a maned wolf then a fox though (not that is in any way a problem or bad thing, just saying. I think it is the lankier legs and head to body size ratio.)


I don't wanna speak definitively but having done work for Nightfirer before, I'm pretty sure the character is supposed to be a maned wolf. They're not in the list of animals on here though.

That said: this piece is GREAT. I really love the ... I dunno, organic-feeling transition between 'panels' here. Really cool approach to sequential art. That face in the middle panel! The ears! Super well done. And I dig the pose, expression, and lighting of the first one.

Actually the lighting on all of these is really great. This is such a cool piece, aaaaa @w@ Awesome work!


It is a maned wolf, but since there's no tag for that species and the closest animal is a fox, I chose fox :)