Campfire Confession by Adanre

Campfire Confession by

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Ripped Clothing

The day was slowly coming to an end. The light was waning by the time we finished packing up the fishing gear, and we set course toward the old salt quarry where'd we'd spend the night.

It had not been the usual fare of silly banter and tossing beer cans to each other in the boat with your friend. No, today the tension was outright overwhelming, stifling any idle conversation except for the brief shouts of joy when someone reeled in a fish.

Walking slowly through the underbrush upward, you sigh softly to yourself as he leads the way up the hill with quiet determination. Something was bothering him, and for the life of you you couldn't figure out why.

It doesn't take long however before you find yourself leaned against a rock and gazing up at the stars, a generously salted fish gently sizzling on a flat rock beside you, and a beer in your hand as you sip.

"Don't freak out, okay?", he said hoarsely.


Couldn't help it, felt like drawing another TF. And also because I kinda didn't feel like completing that other image... maybe next weekend >_>


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Beautiful style


Your artwork is so beautiful. This is really great stuff.