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donkeytf by Spirit_Pup
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5/5. I personally like to think that he keeps his core personality. His thoughts are just changed to a donkey's. ... But that's just me.
maidenpage by Angrboda
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Sometimes a little night-time reading can be dangerous... A new short sequence titled the maiden and the manuscript. [complete]
Alpha Luna 2nd TF Sequence by Loboleo
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I wanted to share a portion of my comic "Alpha Luna", her second tf in the storyline, I'll be adding more of the sequence as it progress. You can see more of the story at
The New Normal - Issue One: Hiding by Sonicspirit
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You can see the prologue here: And the comic's website: I have a Patreon, now! Join up to see pages early!
lowres alex kitsune by Angrboda
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Commission: yes, another foxgirl. This time it's TG, so if that's your bag, enjoy.
Spirit Journey by Wrathofautumn
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Completion: 17/17! w00t! Two companions go out into the woods to complete an ancient ritual, only to get more than what they bargained for.
Lion TF color - by Dusker78
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A twelve page sequence done for Theo Winters. A guy answers a newspaper ad for a position at the zoo and gets a bit more than he bargained for.
GWPage by BlackRat
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Girl to werewolfy wolf lady person comic commission. Was a really fun order to do for some reason. Also learned alot about comics and coloring while working on it. Things I learned on this comic I've used on nearly every picture since. Microns photoshop and Painter. Also DRAW!
karmak by Sirenz
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Sayuri by Evion
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This is actually my first subject I did for the Island of Doctor Moreau roleplay. Sayuri's an innocent geisha who will be turning into a mer-blue tang, something different from the norm since her upper half will stay largely human! More stages will be posted as she changes in roleplay! - At last, Sayuri is complete!