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contest by Ookamichan
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a 3 page comic book style sequence i did for a contest dragonaide was running.
Kikue by Antherios
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This is the next stage of Kikue's transformation. It's kind of old... but I wasn't able to get into my account for a long time. Her 100% will be coming next, I've been working on it. ^^;
gaius by Bilious
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Gaius Harper, who had once been in the construction industry- now on the new island of doctor moreau, he finds himself slowly turning into a winged horse, thanks to Doctor Duvert's love of all things mythical. edit: Gaius is now finished transforming!
AlexisChange by Maska
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Finally done... Alexis turning into a human-African wild dog-tarantula hybrid.
julian by Sirenz
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Julian's 75%
Chickentrans by Journey
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this is part of several commitions for Apokol
sequence by Jakkal
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Black Tapestries - Lorelei, the Drifter - Changing into a fox kaetif for the first time - Page 1. This was a donator only comic, but it's been 10 months and I believe it's time to show the world. This is from my comic at
gryphon page by Angrboda
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4 page black and white comic style commish. When Cecelia's brother is kidnapped, she recruits some magical help to follow him with all possible speed. [girl > gryphon]
G-Shep Fursuit TF by Fox0808
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*EDIT* All Parts Added! Commission done for PyroAssassin :D (5 parts) German Shepherd Suit :3
Alligator Transformation by Cayuga
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