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Just hang on by Evion
12587 views, 135 favorites, 10 comments
“Just… hang on, okay Gaius? You’ll be okay…” Hawkens helps a staggering Gaius escape his recent mutation-inducing ordeal at the claws of a monstrous wyvern. The ginger-haired man is undergoing his own slow infection, but right now his concern is with the state of his friend and finding some shelter so they can figure out how to survive in this monster-infested city.
Wyvern Gaius by Evion
11460 views, 117 favorites, 11 comments
Hey guys! Long time no see here! I've been getting back to my TF passion and roots a bit, and been getting my various galleries caught up with work from the past years! Gaius here is an OC of mine that I've been tormenting with several TFs. This particular AU setting is inspired by the text game Flexible Survival, but branched off into its own setting idea with a modern city under siege by a cross-dimensional force and people fighting monsters while trying to avoid becoming them. Gaius was...
Connection Failure by DstRoy
14238 views, 121 favorites, 8 comments
When "Could not connect to internet" isn't the only problem. Whooiee, this piece was a work in progress for far too long, but now it's finished! And the wyvern turned out rather well, can't say the same about the background tho. :D I had much fun drawing this piece, shame it took so long to finish. And it seems that he is going commando.
Fox -> Wyvern TF by Jakkal
6950 views, 40 favorites, 0 comments
Livestream Commission for damunkervan of his fox character changing into a wyvern - and doesn't look very happy about it either. (It's okay, you still have your hair!)
Patient: TangoFoxtrot - 8C1U by DstRoy
8616 views, 43 favorites, 6 comments
A wyvern tf! And yeah, my first transformation piece I've drawn with my tablet. This was drawn last year and well, as my first one it is what it is. But you gotta start from somewhere! :D
3 Transformations by Tomek1000
12181 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
i wanted to try draw some transformations on difrent styles so i chosed do 3 transformations naga,wyvern and cat X
Wyvern Splash Page by Demyxia
9496 views, 89 favorites, 4 comments
LSC: Human to Wyvern by Jakkal
10347 views, 104 favorites, 9 comments
Onom's commission of a human changing into a wyvern. The good news is that this fellow will always be able to reach the stuff on the top shelf now. Really? Wyvern isn't on the species list?
Granted by K-Libra
12724 views, 108 favorites, 8 comments
A request for Nolhyaa where she's molded into a wyvern version of her dragon self by me.
Dragon TF by Ametf
11585 views, 94 favorites, 2 comments
Just a generic guy to dragon/wyvern