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what just happened? by lizzi
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liz was awoken by a large bang. as she got up to investigate she heard metal clanking on the floor, and what sounded like an engine whirring. she was concerned about the loud clanking, so she looked around to investigate. that was when she noticed a big metal tail. she looked at herself. she was shocked to find that she had somehow transformed into a giant metal rat while she was asleep.
Dragonknight by Inkblot
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The family lived a quiet life On the hills outside of town But all of that would change one day When the dragon did come around Its breath stank of vile death Its scales were black as night His claws were sharp as razors And in death he did Delight It laid waste to the people's Home Her parents did whats right they went of to the town alone to give the beast a fight The dragon was formidable The knights were full of zest despite their will and awesome might The dragon did out-bes...