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Adf Afterparty Color by Taus
33416 views, 312 favorites, 19 comments
Commission for ADF. ^^
Some Repairs Needed by Daniel-kay
20194 views, 81 favorites, 4 comments
"Oh erm hi mom, you're a bit early... I can explain..." Mastering the art of Transformation technology can be a bit tricky at times, but hey, live and learn... and use better grade materials next time
Transmogifier by Kitsunefan
10472 views, 50 favorites, 6 comments
Youre supposed to turn it off before repairs
LSC:Rooth Fire Elemental by Jakkal
9521 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
Livestream Commission for Rooth of his Kangaroo/rabbit character. He wanted a sequel pic for another image he had, and he made the mistake of telling me to decide what happens to him. I left it open enough so that if he wants to make it a fire-dragon he could do that, though I kind of like the fire elemental aspect by itself.
The Lab Rat by Shiro
16912 views, 94 favorites, 5 comments
Be careful around your lab animals, you don't want to catch anything...
Synthetics by Banana_of_Doom
5 images, 36535 views, 148 favorites, 11 comments
Oh, that pesky science and chemicals, always turning us into something.
Scientific Progress by Everard
9420 views, 70 favorites, 7 comments
...goes 'squeak'. Was it a side effect of the memory serum, or an unexpected error in the teleportation matrix? Better run the tests again to make sure. Science!
Horse to Anthro Transformation by Ciervo
3 images, 21081 views, 54 favorites, 8 comments
Commission for ehh123, and I think my first complete sequence ever! Here's his description: "A person is teleporting animals both wild and domesticated to his sporting venues. These animals are physically fit and they actually like to compete against others (as opposed to doing it just for survival, mating, or when humans are forcing it upon them). As they are being teleported they are turned into anthros. This is to get everyone on a more even playing field while keeping their beneficial ani...