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Wait, where'd my clothes go? by Ciervo
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... I didn't realize a satyr transformation would involve compulsory nudity! Don't worry, you can't see anything. ... Whew! --- Commission for mav123
Modern Faun by Hukeng
9300 views, 80 favorites, 4 comments
Bouncy hoof gal!
Wake Up by Hukeng
8002 views, 44 favorites, 3 comments
It´s finally spring.
Grabbing Life By The Horns by Zilepo
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Second hand shops can have all sorts of interesting pieces of literature. Generally the older they are, the more sketchy they can be, but I've always been a fan of greek mythology, and there was an old art book purporting to have interesting spells hidden throughout the greek art section. I bought it on a whim and was skimming through the pages when I came across some interesting phrases that had something to do with satyrs. I was musing aloud as I read and... well, it turns out it was a spell b...
The Morning After by Hukeng
7053 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Way too many wine coolers with suspicious ingredients...
Satyress by Hukeng
6844 views, 40 favorites, 1 comment
Bouncy goat lady.
Squirrely Satyr by Mxmaramoose
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#Octransfur day 10: and this poor faun always feels a little squirrely when transforming. not his fault though.. becoming just a little bit more of a prey animal does that to you!
Swift Service by Hukeng
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You should always read the fine print before accepting a job - especially if your new employer happens to be a reclusive, decadent aristocrat cultivating a peculiar obsession with Greek and Roman myths, as well as a lively interest in dangerous experimental alchemy. I don´t know if this counts as AR or if he just shrank a little. Probably the latter.
Spring Loaded by Hukeng
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Don´t come looking for her until autumn...
Nimble Hooves by Hukeng
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"The wheezing whistle given off by the antique flute had be underwhelming at best, or so she thought, as she slowly brought her hand up to scratch her suddenly itchy ears. Before she could wonder about the unusual shape and fuzzy texture they seemed to have taken on, a sudden, stinging pain drew her attention to her forehead, where two small, stubby horns had just popped out of her skin. Meanwhile, a one-inch thick strip of soft fluff quickly sarted to sprout from the nape of her neck and do...