Ripped Clothing

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Curse Of The Were-Teddysmall by MjR
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A little later than I hoped..... but here is something I've been wanting to do for a long time and thinly fitted a were-theme around it..... sort of a parable in this not to get too consumed into your interests or you'll could be consumed by it. It would be great if someone could make this into a full story.
Tiger Paw TF by MjR
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'There's nothing quite like getting your work shoes off and your tiger feet on'.... I do take requests for this series.
K is for Kentrosaurus by Witchfiend
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The old phrase 'never judge a book a book by its cover' came to mind when Dr Marie Cooper introduced her test subject to the dinosaur petting zoo. The subject in question was one Juno Kerner, a girl in her early 20s who's punkish attire made her seem standoffish. Dr Cooper had dreaded taking this subject on at first, but as the conversation began, she soon learned that Juno had a genuine interest in dinosaurs that went beyond the childhood fantasies that most kids had. "Dad was a palaeontolog...
Swimming Smoothly by Trevor_Fox
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"It's so hot, I just wanted to go swimming. Looks like I won't be leaving the cool depths of the ocean anytime soon. But hey. 'Least things won't heat up down here too much, right?" So, I don't do backgrounds much, but I really need to work on them. This piece was to give me some practice on that.
Horse by Tgwonder
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Horse :V
Taur Time!: Comm by Shadowpelt
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Finished 24 hour sketch for Apsol!
From Man to Fox: Comm by Shadowpelt
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Finished in stream commission for Tofu!
Wal-What?: Comm by Shadowpelt
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Finished 24 hour sketch for @Forepawz!
Bullied: Comm by Shadowpelt
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Finished 24 hour sketch for @Zho! I went over 24 so free colors!
Skunk TF by Trevor_Fox
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Oh, the humanity! Well, I seem to be losing that. And my stink is contagious.