Ripped Clothing

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Inbetween Worlds by ArcticFFFox
10900 views, 89 favorites, 4 comments
The Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games never show the player what happens to their game selves while being transported to the Pokémon world. Following a bright flash from his 3DS screen and a vivid falling sensation, this guy gets to experience it firsthand. Lucario TF commission!
Brave Bird! by ArcticFFFox
10357 views, 49 favorites, 2 comments
Touching this peculiar artifact turns this guy into an anthro Braviary. Commission for @PheagleAdler!
Explosive Temper by ArcticFFFox
21099 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
Brachydios TF. He's getting huge! Commission from last year.
Public Transformation by Sevenpaperplates
15095 views, 118 favorites, 7 comments
Right on the corner of a nondescript street.
Oh deer. by Sevenpaperplates
16268 views, 129 favorites, 3 comments
Terrible pun, terribly traumatic experience.
[Patreon]-In the throes of changes. by Fringedog
7021 views, 48 favorites, 2 comments
Patreon sketch for Spacix.
[Patreon]-Happy Werewolf Wednesday by Fringedog
8367 views, 64 favorites, 2 comments
From one of my anonymous backers. I was given freedom of subject so I decided to do a small bit of two birds/one stone and make a picture for Werewolf Wednesday(the best day of every weeks in my opinion) :)
[Patreon]-Bearly burger by Fringedog
6843 views, 54 favorites, 0 comments
Another done for the Patreon
[Patreon]-Otterly Wonderful Change by Fringedog
7110 views, 67 favorites, 0 comments
Done for anonymous
[Commission]-Corvid Hulk by Fringedog
6181 views, 24 favorites, 5 comments
Commission for Kiry