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rabbitguycolor by Kuma
15327 views, 46 favorites, 10 comments
kw-werehare-cl by BlackRat
15167 views, 120 favorites, 2 comments
wererabbit in the park
Neverending Story Parody Poster by PickleJuice
15143 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Part of my movie poster parody series. Here's me as Falcor, kidnapping some random guy and TFing him into a rabbit.
usagi by Greenback
15139 views, 85 favorites, 5 comments
Nm-Miscastedbunnyspellsm by Tincrash
15044 views, 107 favorites, 2 comments
1 Free Trick by Tgwonder
14994 views, 60 favorites, 0 comments
You can't out con a con magician. :v
ev-wererabbit by Everard
14482 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
These aren't the best of scans, I'm sorry. This was the first thing I drew in months, and the first transformation in, oh, must be ages.
Ryshunas present by Wrathofautumn
14413 views, 46 favorites, 4 comments
A commission I did for someone(Course, he needs to find a way to pay it back. Too bad he doesn't live here. I'd have him clean my apartment and then re enact episodes of the Simpsons. Mmm...donuts...)
Bunny girl by Comic
14223 views, 168 favorites, 3 comments
Drew this while hiking, first thing I had drawn in months and it was in a confined tent.
rabbit by Carillon
14205 views, 19 favorites, 3 comments
some special force killer rabbit unit... dont ask me what Im drinking ;)