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BodySwap by LaraTheLabRat
16487 views, 30 favorites, 2 comments
The kinda thing I really love. Furries turning into each other. Flir and @Firr specifically.
Wet Floor by Swatcher
16403 views, 69 favorites, 7 comments
Sinking into a new world...
Bunny Swap by Tgwonder
16324 views, 162 favorites, 4 comments
*poof* you got bunnied :V
qroms by Ealadubh
15867 views, 39 favorites, 0 comments
Familiars should be seen and not heard. Cartoon idea by Weremoose.
Magic Tablet by Nisharu
15841 views, 140 favorites, 15 comments
The magic tablet, the perfect tablet for artists who want to give more "life" to his art.
Airborne Bio-hazard Bunnies by Tgwonder
15840 views, 94 favorites, 0 comments
Looks like Bunny week is off at a good start. :B <3 ~tgwonder Random doodle, is random. x3 From left to right, varnamo auradragon12 @robertge Dr. Wonder, @tgwonder being Wonder bunny :B lilliput floating around and stripedwolf being attacked by @deiser
flir small by Angrboda
15738 views, 97 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for flir; another "pick a color" pic. Guy > rabbit via scarf.
nm-Jeztobunny by Tincrash
15685 views, 119 favorites, 10 comments
Princess Jezz to Bunny
rave valerie by Shiro
15492 views, 50 favorites, 3 comments
Valerie's first rave experience was not a bad one. It wasn't until after, when her and her friend got mugged, that she changed to protect her... Unfortunately, this proved to be quite destructive to her tight fitting attire...
Rabbit Mask by Artist-Guy
15359 views, 108 favorites, 10 comments
The idea for this was originally conceived by an artist I saw on transfur: Mikhail. I believe it was just called rabbitmask. I remember seeing it around 2004 when I was still new to seeing TF online. I never knew the guy but this piece of his stood out to me for reasons I can't remember now. Fast forward to around 2005 or 2006 and Mikhail was off transfur and his work along with him. More time goes by (2010) and while browsing someones favourites on deviant art I notice something that looks a...