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bunny by Liger
6 images, 44527 views, 77 favorites, 6 comments
Rebecca finds a tastey treat..
easter by Shiro
40179 views, 217 favorites, 31 comments
When the Easter bunny needs a hand.... A rabbit's gotta do what a rabbit's gotta do =^.^= Happy Easter Transfur!
Dear Diary Final by KeitoWaOtaku
36326 views, 146 favorites, 12 comments
This one is meant to seem like she transformed some time during that day.
girlbunnytf by Mirandaleigh
33433 views, 263 favorites, 9 comments
Another girl transforming... her stuffed bunny is just trying to protect her.
Alice by Hazard
32219 views, 213 favorites, 2 comments
A gift for the renegade. Though, there are still some things I'd like to fix on this one. (I'll get around to it one day)
kw-bunnyray-cl by BlackRat
30993 views, 172 favorites, 18 comments
First test of my new bunnificatin beam on a random female victim...err I mean 'volunteer'. Drew this for Friend Mikhail. Now I have to get the ratification, rooification, and dragonization beams up and running. Then the world will fall to my might!!!
trixorz by Cobalt_K
8 images, 29830 views, 140 favorites, 16 comments
An old sequence circa 2004. It's never been shown to anyone...until now! A girl quickly learns the danger of eating discount-price imitation cereal. Apologies for the captions.
Easter Kigu by blackshirtboy
2 images, 29306 views, 234 favorites, 6 comments
Easter cosplays.
Non Anthro Bunny TF by Shiro
27694 views, 156 favorites, 11 comments
Not quite what was wished for, but still quick like a bunny.
Human, I'll bet he was going to say human by Artist-Guy
2 images, 27187 views, 110 favorites, 10 comments
Oldie but I still love the style in this one. I really don't know what she's supposed to be. I'll say some sort of Kagaroo Rabbit. A Kabbit if you will. Wait.. that's taken. I think someone called her a Rabaroo once. I like that one. She is a rabaroo.