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moose tf by Superboo
17788 views, 101 favorites, 11 comments
eh? eh????? (the moose is a previous tf victim, and the girl's well aware what'll happen if she kisses him. :B )
DImousse by Ealadubh
13671 views, 26 favorites, 0 comments
A bit of whimsy conjoured up for Weremoose with one of my trademark TF puns (check the bottle). 'DI' of course stands for 'Derksen Industries'. :>
Weremoose Transformation by Jakkal
4 images, 13114 views, 82 favorites, 5 comments
She just wants to relax and have a nice evening at home, but no. The moose wants out.
Canadian Vacation Destination by Kitsunefan
12696 views, 45 favorites, 28 comments
I myself have never been to this northern frozen wasteland However I am 99% sure this is how you get in it
Moose Transformation by everruler
11629 views, 79 favorites, 4 comments
Commissioned by Angstskunk
Chocolate Moose by Ciervo
9606 views, 18 favorites, 3 comments
Yeah, read the labels on your desserts. If you are what you eat, a misspelling can spell your doom.
Moot by Viergacht
8477 views, 59 favorites, 8 comments
A were-moose as requested on Twitter