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Truttle Bear Transformati by Cayuga
34552 views, 92 favorites, 9 comments
Yay! I can make comments now!! A commission piece for Truttle. I had to learn how to draw bears, which are harder than they look.
The Time Toaster Expository by Wrathofautumn
9 images, 34210 views, 78 favorites, 21 comments
A rather creative TF I thought of while on Christmas Vacation. We simply need more TFs about SCIENCE! Featuring Timidtabby as the main victim! >:3 9/9 Complete and I think you all will love the ending.
And There Will Be Ke'ek by Atalhlla
2 images, 33524 views, 95 favorites, 9 comments
Alternative title, which I vetoed immediately: Let Them Eat Ke'ek. Reason: Just No. Two page spreads done all graphic novel style :U Jeramy Fraser was just walking home from a late night of work when he was mugged by a pair of ne'er do well breasts.
bigdogsm by Arania
10 images, 33485 views, 97 favorites, 1 comment
Another of my recent sequences that I had yet to put up on transfur. A young man, tryign to shirk the bill for a bed and breakfast, tries to sneak out in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, the old proprieter had ways to ensure that that didn't happen. As he transforms into a big sheepdog, nostalgic memories of the good time he had come flooding back as do a newfound loyalty to the genial old man.
June by Jakkal
33481 views, 202 favorites, 21 comments
The end result of my comic's Wallpaper War, in which poor Tristan is changed into some kind of animal (chosen at random). In this case it was a dragon. Not one of my best, it was entirely too rushed. But it looks nice anyway.
rat-teef by Gryf
33442 views, 88 favorites, 3 comments
Buy a costume and win a surprise by Nisharu
33319 views, 180 favorites, 18 comments
Is not good when you buy a magic horse costume and it can turn you in a equitaur one? Updade - Finished the color version
stableboy by Kuma
32899 views, 301 favorites, 22 comments
Done for a friend. Guy on his way to becoming a donkey..or perhaps a donkey-Satyr? There is actually AR occuring in this pic, but you can't really make it out, aside from the slightly large clothing/boots.
That's not so raven by Dragon-Storm
32786 views, 179 favorites, 17 comments
Long ago browsing TV i stumble upon a TF and a weird Disney channel show, anyhoo years later i bring you this
Fishing For Power by Banana_of_Doom
6 images, 32474 views, 127 favorites, 5 comments
No Luminari category, obviously. Giant fishlady because of an amulet.