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Magical Unicorn Girl by Mookyvet
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:D Another commission for NotHere(FA). This time, he asked for a unicorn transformation of some kind, but gave me the freedom to do whatever so this is the result~ I'm pretty happy with her dress. :D
Commission: Unicorn Spells by SepiSnake
3 images, 26321 views, 220 favorites, 8 comments
A transformation sequence commission for Dimensional42 of my persona & his falling victim to a centaur unicorn's transformative spell.
dragontfsigil by Kuma
24216 views, 219 favorites, 13 comments
Felt like finally doing a proper Dragon Tf
shaggydog by Ealadubh
17 images, 45304 views, 219 favorites, 9 comments
Lostcat Commission by Wrathofautumn
5 images, 64711 views, 218 favorites, 13 comments
First commission EVAH! O:< Anyway, our lucky winner Ryan Osbourne gets to be a part of tonight's hypnosis session with the famed illusionist Ioshua Soloe. Boy, is he going to bite on more than he can chew tonight. :P 5/5 done
Try Outs by Tgwonder
17234 views, 212 favorites, 4 comments
yeah, I think he might like the outfit. :3 <3 ~tgwonder
Lost In The Sand by Rex_equinox
6 images, 40658 views, 207 favorites, 18 comments
Commision from Dangale Over on FA. He looses his platoon while patroling in Egypt...and accidently stumbles upon Anubis' tomb in which he is taken over...
The Collar by D-E-M-O
13851 views, 206 favorites, 5 comments
A man turning into a wolfish creature due to a magical collar hes wearing. ~
The Necklace by Tgwonder
23548 views, 205 favorites, 1 comment
And, that particular necklace was cursed with a panda spirit. :v Better go to the beach. :B For @sathirran :3
The Bell Tolls For Thee by Shiro
24843 views, 204 favorites, 11 comments
That's right... Struggle... The more that bell rings the more of you changes, and the FASTER you turn into a permanent addition to our ranch... You always did want to be a "cowgirl" after all...