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bunnygirl by Childofdune
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Methinks this has happened to her before :P
cani's transformation by Journey
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my Lastest pic for Apokol. I figured since we've already seen a cow that I didn't need to draw out her Transformation as long. also fixed the udders.
divesuit mermaid by Yapi
44593 views, 369 favorites, 9 comments
Another piece commissioned by Phil Velasquez. A diver gets hold of an enchanted necklace that turns her into a mermaid along with her diving suit.
ericfox by PickleJuice
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It's that old story: Scientist makes experimental Serum, Funding Runs out, Scientist tests Serum
Commission: Unicorn by HamsterToybox
36 images, 43231 views, 96 favorites, 24 comments
IT IS FINISHED! And a bonus bit of donkey TF. More TF stuff on Patreon: Another sequence for Eala Dubh :) I love doing long sequences :D
Draconomicon by CoraBlue
43093 views, 357 favorites, 16 comments
Who looks for a bookslip in the middle of the book, right next to the dragon transformations section? Somebody who deserves what they get, that's who!
Linda by Sangluna
3 images, 42807 views, 552 favorites, 29 comments
Series of Commissions for Newenglander-really fun project! Watercolours/coloured pencil on board.
divinealteration by MageOmega
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A monk becomes part of her patron deity's workings. 3 part sequence...enjoy =)
humming by KelvinTheLion
41067 views, 86 favorites, 8 comments
How did Kitsune know where to find his stolen talismin? He got a tipoff from this kid. As a reward he gets one wish and he wishes for more energy.
Lost In The Sand by Rex_equinox
6 images, 41018 views, 209 favorites, 18 comments
Commision from Dangale Over on FA. He looses his platoon while patroling in Egypt...and accidently stumbles upon Anubis' tomb in which he is taken over...