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Motheroo Adventures, Episode 1 by RushEloc
20144 views, 68 favorites, 8 comments
In my brain the Australian Outback is visually indistinguishable from the surface of Mars. This was drawn on Mother's Day. CLEARLY I don't have my priorities mixed up.
Heads or Tails by PedestrianWolf
20130 views, 162 favorites, 10 comments
NEVER play with a cursed coin!
Bovinity by ArcticFFFox
19986 views, 128 favorites, 1 comment
Halfbody TF commission for @PheagleAdler of him turning into his large, bovine self! That bell's been given some special properties by this mist that's floating around...
Novelty TF products by Kitsunefan
3 images, 19953 views, 108 favorites, 26 comments I am selling some novelty TF products here! Comment if youre interested, if you dont have an FA account you can message me here for one.
A Morning Run by Jcheetah
19949 views, 248 favorites, 6 comments
As she went for her usual morning run in the forest, she found herself on a small forest clearing she had not seen before. There was an old altar in its centre and once she approached it, something strange began to happen...
Dragonite Nr. 1 by ArcticFFFox
3 images, 19931 views, 82 favorites, 4 comments
Transformation potions can appear to be much, much less potent than they actually are. Always consult a professional before use. --- Personal drawing for practice and winding down. I had done a favorite Pokémon test ( this afternoon, after which I did it another time, but with transformation in mind. Whenever I had to pick from two, I asked myself the question "if I could pick only one of two transformation potions, but it'd be a once-in-a-lifeti...
Embrace the Sea by Spacecat
3 images, 19927 views, 126 favorites, 7 comments
A comic commission for an Anon client! They wrote the script for this comic, where prisoners on a ship are transformed into various types of sea serpents. Anon left this comic at a cliffhanger, because one day they might come back and continue this comic. For now they just wanted to focus on the transformation part of it. Pretty serpents <3
seneca commish SML by Proxer
19924 views, 109 favorites, 13 comments
Three's a crowd. Or is it a flock? Either way, Rio doesn't seem to mind them, though. In fact, he's rather partial to making them. The line art for a colour commission for seneca.
Don't Be Shelfish by RushEloc
19913 views, 91 favorites, 17 comments
Shit, guy's gotta have a hobby. You can get early access to other comics like these on my Patreon!
Cobra Cola Returns by SepiSnake
3 images, 19857 views, 137 favorites, 4 comments
A three part tg transformation sequence for Tomek1000 on FA