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ledaswan by Bilious
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Leda and the Swan- Comission for EalaDubh , from the greek myth Leda and the Swan, Eala recomended calling it "Leda and the Shlong" (edited again on account of sounding far too bitchy. <333)
seahorse by Ealadubh
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Rabbit TF by Cayuga
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Hallnourd got Floored by Atalhlla
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And foxed. Hah hah she's straddling him. That's a potion she's putting in his mouth, by the by an way an all that jazz
nm-emhnar by Tincrash
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Every Magic Hat Needs a Rabbit
Slime Snails Lizard Tails by Wrathofautumn
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Hehe, this is another first TF for me! :D Yay for iguanas! This team made it to the final round but never made it past the guards. As such, they're getting a facelift amongst other things. Hehe, well that ends it for this TF Series, and it was sure fun while it lasted. Anyone who'd like a commission, check my artist account information. :3 For those of you just looking at this stuff, this is the sixth of Legends of the Hidden Temple TFs. Check my account for more of these. :-)
The Realm of Kaerwyn - Issue 8 Page 8 by Jakkal
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A page from one of my webcomics where the antagonist (possessing the raccoon) has infected Endymion (The guy) with lycanthropy, and showing him how she can control it. I figure some here wouldn't mind seeing it. The whole comic can be read at and I upload it 4x a week to my DA page (in my profile)
Encryption by Ealadubh
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03/?? That's put the Latin hat on it. No going back now... Inks, letters and finishes by me, from pencils by Oren Otter.
Secrets of the Mana Orb by GrandStorm
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This one came to me in a Dream just last night, The image took roughly 15 hours, and I did it all on the same day (drools, eye twitching). This image also features a magical Item invented in my dream apperetly Called the Mana Orb. Its like an orb full of potion but its sealed up tight. however if your near it and start sucking with your mouth closed (like making a fishy face) the fluid appears in your mouth and can be gulped down. My dream was Vivid on this item The dream also had a lady giving ...
random tf by Wrathofautumn
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Oh, whoops! I forgot to resize it! ^_^;; Okay, so here's a much smaller version, of that random tf of mine. A kid wanted me to draw a tf of him becoming a blue dragon caused by emotional stress due to a curse by some demon. Well, this is what you get for being absolutely vague with me! :P It'll leave you going "WTF?!?"