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Weremare by KrazyIvan
4709 views, 42 favorites, 3 comments
Nice little comic made for one of my longest supporters
Propaganda Poster - Housewife by Squeakycanine
2866 views, 8 favorites, 0 comments
One of the many anti-toon posters released over the decades to prevent toonification among citizens. In this classic picture, an angry house wife finds herself aghast she's become a horsewife, as her husband's drinking habits seem to include taking liquors that have Ink within. Ink that nefarious substance that can over time change even the hardiest human into a rubber hosed toon. The poster hints that the husband still has at least a small chance of recovery, as given the two stripes o...
TF Safety Rule Number Two.. by Mxmaramoose
4606 views, 29 favorites, 2 comments
As demonstrated by PlanoTheFox is to always check which medication bottle you grabbed before using it!!
Pony problems by Danwolf
3081 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
After this incident Dan gets encountered by a wild Cheesecake ! Unfortunately Earth ponies can't do a lot of things...Play bowling, Play videogames, use mobile phones etc. I like Lancepony's enthiuasism tough >w>
My Little Burgie by Danwolf
5 images, 13570 views, 34 favorites, 3 comments
Don't piss off Changelings. They know Magic and will use it on you @-@ This was a fun sequence to work on :D Dan went full Pone
Bit of a Trotter! by Gryphius
3192 views, 27 favorites, 1 comment
Bit of a rotter! Aye, that's me!
Don’t Forget Friendship is Magic by Wereskunk
3765 views, 15 favorites, 2 comments
It’s been a REALLY long time since I’ve drawn anything pony related. The 9th of Octransfur is Friendship so figured this would be perfect opportunity to draw MLP stuff. It’s been so long since I drew pony stuff a certain pony used her magic to remind me what true friendship is and how truly magical it can be much to my surprise. Be kind I’m out of practice drawing My Little Pony
Team Spirit!! by Blacksheeptfs
5799 views, 57 favorites, 0 comments
Go Timberwolves! Go Tigers! Go Broncos!
Horse Stable TF by Blacksheeptfs
5820 views, 43 favorites, 1 comment
Fortune Teller uses her magic whip on some local cowgirls
Headed To The Races by KrazyIvan
9726 views, 43 favorites, 2 comments
Darn it, when will these participants realize that shady government agencies offering free treatment are not to be trusted?