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Grinchy Gift by Swatcher
13637 views, 39 favorites, 6 comments
Grinch TF is something I can pretty much guarantee you is pretty rare.
kodiack by Angrboda
4 images, 178932 views, 1102 favorites, 42 comments
four page full color commish for Kodiack; what's in the brown paper package? TFTG- guy to foxgirl.
Giftwrapped by Silverhyena
23244 views, 80 favorites, 28 comments
Okay, so it may be a bit early for Christmas designs, but I had this one in my head a few nights ago kicking around inside, driving me crazy so I had to draw it. A werewolf, freshly transformed, is shoved into a straitjacket, with a big, bright bow and Santa hat, even a cute little gift tag. He has indeed been giftwrapped!
Ryshunas present by Wrathofautumn
14705 views, 47 favorites, 4 comments
A commission I did for someone(Course, he needs to find a way to pay it back. Too bad he doesn't live here. I'd have him clean my apartment and then re enact episodes of the Simpsons. Mmm...donuts...)
briard by PickleJuice
9 images, 41418 views, 92 favorites, 3 comments
Briard TF commission page 1