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Mad Sciencebus by Fazar
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Haurbus is never one to rely soley on things at least outwardly magical. Im sure he made a special magical potion and is just pretending though. Themed item for Convention conbook for TFF. Mad Science!
Gift/Commission - CarissaVixen by Battlehog
2808 views, 22 favorites, 1 comment
Started as a sketch, and then added color, for CarissaVixen on twitter!
Sonix Fox by PickleJuice
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TF NOTE: The TF happens between pages 7 and 8, and there may be many more TFs in the future. Sonix Fox is a story I wrote and sketched years ago. It illustrates why there's so many transformations happening in my universe, AND it explains who is doing it. It's my attempt at a "serious" superhero type comic with real people and real emotions. And foxes. Can't forget the foxes.
TF Tuesday sequence: Arctic by ArcticFFFox
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I'm trying to (emphasis on trying!) do a TF doodle like this every week on Twitter with the #TFTuesday hashtag. Right now it's of my sona Arctic, but I might expand on this idea. (Deleted my solo submission of the last page. Forgot I could just update this sequence!) Current page: 5/5
Fox to Car - COMM by Ametf
1691 views, 7 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for JamieFox
But First... by ArcticFFFox
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Ah, it's Arctic time again, right when I was taking a walk on the beach, too -- might as well take a selfie before my hands turn to paws and I can't hold my phone anymore. Guess I'll try a grin...? *attempts grin*
Inflatable Sea Serpent Hex by Virmir
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Hate it when this happens.
Cycling by Virmir
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Drawing frames of this randomly in between other things, in random order!
You Could Be a Lycan! by ArcticFFFox
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Commission for vulpinetf! Unexpectedly, Arctic's dream mist pulls out this guy's slightly more monstrous fox self.
Bloody Roar sketches by Viergacht
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Unused sketches for a Bloody Roar werefox tf. Uploading in case someone might enjoy them :)