Forced Transformation

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Unforeseen Gardening by Taitora
2006 views, 9 favorites, 0 comments
He better hurry dig into the ground before something bad happened. An earthworm TF sequence for FinleyBarker.
Snake Venom by Taitora
3116 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
He couldn't call for help in time, but at least he survived the snake venom. An Indian cobra TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Pooltoy Orca by Taitora
2462 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
Summer time An inflatable orca TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Birthday Cake by Taitora
1637 views, 10 favorites, 0 comments
Surprise! He has turned into a birthday cake at his own birthday party. I'm sure the guests will like him. An inanimate cake TF sequence for StormyWolf295.
Compensation by Taitora
2586 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
"Unfortunately, our store doesn't have a cash compensation policy for damaged items"
Ball Chaser by Taitora
1754 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
He is surely the best ball chaser. A wolfhound dog TF commission for Nightfirer.
Intelligence Scale by Taitora
2619 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
On a scale of 0 to 10, how do you prefer to keep your own intelligence?
World Raid Boss by Taitora
2320 views, 25 favorites, 0 comments
Turned into a world boss
Pet Influencer by Taitora
1941 views, 19 favorites, 0 comments
TF concept: You have become someone's pet and then become famous on the internet.
Vaccination by Taitora
1931 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
So this is the side effect of getting vaccinated.