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Witches loving delight by GrandStorm
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This is also a another pic based on the mana orb concept. I was seriously wondering if I would ever finish this pic. It took hours and hours of color work so you had better enjoy it. Briana loves bewitching people and loves even more trying to get them to love each other at the same time. how sadisticly romantic. enjoy the honey moon XD
Caribou TF by Narubi
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Eating that cookie sure did have some strange effects...doesn't look like he minds though! :P Commission for a user on FA :D
Moose Transformation by everruler
11813 views, 79 favorites, 4 comments
Commissioned by Angstskunk
Eating uncooked seafood can have serious side-effects. by Ciervo
12209 views, 78 favorites, 2 comments
Hey, sir, please don't wobble on your stool. You could lose your balance. Sir, watch ou...! Clean up to the sushi bar, please. Soy sauce all over the floor... --- Entry for the new artist challenge and belated Shark Week commemoration! Random beachgoer at a shoreside sushi bar gets a surprise.
bunny by Liger
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Rebecca finds a tastey treat..
Cheesey Circumstances by Nickwolf
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Got lazy on the coloring. Tis' Kuma turning all Rat-like, but I think he knows what hes doing considering the setting. Done for the monthly artist challenge where you turn a friend into a household pet. Didn't wanna tackle a dog or cat, rats are so much cooler!
Bunny TF by Sa_no
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beware of a cursed carrot
Trilobabe sm by Corvidima
18079 views, 75 favorites, 17 comments
[Trilobite - Cancer Fund] WARNING: Do Not Swim For At Least 20 Minutes After Eating Primordial Soup.
Tallyn's Transformation by everruler
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Commissioned by Kenku and Tallyn.
nm-horseapples by Tincrash
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A commission for @Zho and @Firr.