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Pokemon Cafe by Taitora
1909 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
Pokemon Cafe!
Fox TF (ANIM) - Making Cereal by Drigil
9472 views, 116 favorites, 14 comments
Animated a little fox transformation that occurs during a young boy's breakfast routine with 566 frames of colored animated glorious. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: Some of you didn't like how he still had a human arm at the end of it. This has been remedied.
The Power of MEAT by Blacksheeptfs
4731 views, 46 favorites, 0 comments
Those steaks tho 😛🥩 Back with a really fun comm for my friend Adustolive!!
Fat Cat Cafe by Blacksheeptfs
4290 views, 40 favorites, 2 comments
Which coat do you like best? Tuxedo or Calico
TF Sketch Request Stream 4-8-2021 by Mxmaramoose
2 images, 8118 views, 25 favorites, 3 comments
What a fun stream! More peeps then I was used to showed up so Ill have to implement a new system for taking requests next stream but it was fun talkin to all of ya!
Happy New Year 2021 by Kaju
5070 views, 31 favorites, 1 comment
Allways Watch your Cup! by Mxmaramoose
5872 views, 36 favorites, 0 comments
Day 8 of #Octransfur and really... you should know better than to take strange Drinks... especially if its named Snake Bite!
Noodle to Noodle by WhenWolvesCryOut
4737 views, 38 favorites, 3 comments
Patreon image for Eddy on Furaffinity for July. Otter to Eastern Dragon transformation. For context, in the past this charcter has turned into a kitsune whenever eating ramen. Not this time though... this time it's dragon time.
Flamingo Fruit by ChaseTheFox
3731 views, 11 favorites, 1 comment
Hmm. This is pretty good! ...Ack! Now I know why they call it "Flamingo Fruit". D:
Don't Eat the Cheese! by ChaseTheFox
3083 views, 12 favorites, 1 comment
I guess I should've listened. :x