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Old Life Drowned by Amber-Aria
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This is a sketch sequence for @thistle, for my 100 Sketch Challenge. The idea for this TF comes from a Tlingit myth regarding otters and what happens to people who drown. Having fallen out of his canoe in a wide, swift river, this poor young man fights to find the surface in the current before he drowns. A seemingly ordinary otter passes, seeing that his struggles are failing...
Serval to anthro TF by PickleJuice
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A reproduction of a photo in the collection of a world traveller. He thought nothing of it at the time. He thought he was just taking a picture of a native Serval cat about to eat a large fish. In stead, he caught on camera the creature as it's transformed into a humanoid form. The world traveller plans to return to the jungle at his first opportunity, with more film. A 1 hour stream commission. Got to flat color stage. Please commission me! Thanks!
New Sphinx by Juanvaldez
18706 views, 196 favorites, 15 comments
An update from an old pic I did in 2003.
Orc in the mirror by Swatcher
21340 views, 71 favorites, 9 comments
Stupid sentient costume armor!
Pasiphae Aggressive by Ealadubh
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Oh look, somebody's found herself a brand new willing Cretan Bull. Now you know how the old story goes; this can't POSSIBLY be a good idea. But it would explain a great deal of the plot. Drawn for GillPanda. Shading this one took a great deal of thought, since the Cretan Bull was white, and in this case the TF subject is black; and normally you'd expect the two shades to be the other way round. The challenge was in making clear the distinction between the two skin tones and the change betw...
Lost In The Sand by Rex_equinox
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Commision from Dangale Over on FA. He looses his platoon while patroling in Egypt...and accidently stumbles upon Anubis' tomb in which he is taken over...
Rootyr by PickleJuice
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Behold a freshly transformed Rootyr (satyr Kangaroo). Mostly human from the waist up, kangaroo from the waist down. Hop!
Wolf-Frisbee-Guy by PickleJuice
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Here we have a guy in mid-TF leaping off a building, ripping off his shirt, and chucking a deadly weapon (his frisbee) at a bad guy. I had a contest to ID an obscure TF animation on my main website - and Orborten won. This is the result. I don't think it's what he wanted, so I'll do another one for him if he wants it.
sigbatty by Sola84
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Were bat
nightwuff by Silver557
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Gettin' in the groove :). Forgive the sheer darkness of it, had a run-in with photoshop's color profiles.