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There is no dana by Dragon-Storm
9578 views, 44 favorites, 7 comments
This was day 27 of the 30 day monster challenge, and the idea was a truly gruesome monster, so i thought of the terror dogs from ghostbusters check out the rest on my DA page
A very disorienting shift by Demyxia
7616 views, 39 favorites, 1 comment
A floaty demon transformation. The change itself is dizzying enough without the sudden surge of demonic magic making the poor guy float about.
Dtf by Juanvaldez
39823 views, 397 favorites, 37 comments
I noticed quite a few people talking about Demon TFs as of late, so I could not resist.
transform copy by XXy
17607 views, 129 favorites, 10 comments
vader choke!!
angrboda meme by Angrboda
82656 views, 247 favorites, 17 comments
A meme I did for furaffinity, as completed by me. Since it has a few TF doodles I thought I'd smack it up on this account.
lost it by Juanvaldez
23750 views, 118 favorites, 9 comments
Loosing it. (Still alive though!)
stoplisten by Angrboda
47565 views, 334 favorites, 11 comments
A collab between the super cool Juan Valdez and little old me; two ladies get charmed by the dark side!
Victoria Lost by Juanvaldez
46745 views, 247 favorites, 12 comments
Victorias first transformation. Shes from a comic that never came to light, but neat non the less.
maidenpage by Angrboda
6 images, 125053 views, 403 favorites, 98 comments
Sometimes a little night-time reading can be dangerous... A new short sequence titled the maiden and the manuscript. [complete]
The Need c by Juanvaldez
45063 views, 196 favorites, 12 comments
I have always imagined that it would be cool if we have counterparts in another universe. What if they swapped?