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Dinner by Taitora
2149 views, 21 favorites, 0 comments
... Give me more food.
Nubian Goat TF by Taitora
1769 views, 18 favorites, 0 comments
A nubian goat TF sequence for ShadowFox014.
Leomon TF by Taitora
2 images, 3562 views, 27 favorites, 2 comments
This is my jeans? I don't remember when I bought it.
Year of the Ox by Taitora
1432 views, 13 favorites, 0 comments
Hopefully living at the farm won't be so bad.
Animal Companion by Taitora
2 images, 2270 views, 24 favorites, 1 comment
Being turned into a mount pet / animal companion.
Midnight Lycanroc TF by mlexi
3071 views, 22 favorites, 0 comments
You're gonna need more than just a wet rag to disinfect this bite Lyra ^^"
Earning His Stripes by KrazyIvan
6867 views, 52 favorites, 2 comments
Gonna have to add cursed exercise mat to the long list of TF triggers.
Changing Times Antiques: Humanity Break by Mxmaramoose
5 images, 7590 views, 43 favorites, 12 comments
Sometimes... a break is what you really need.
Tartaglia narwhal tf by Samarline
3994 views, 22 favorites, 1 comment
Transformation of 11th Fatui Harbinger into narwhal. Art (c) Samarline Tartaglia/Ajax (c) Genshin Impact/ MiHoYo
Dixie Transformation (Redo) by Wereskunk
3425 views, 17 favorites, 0 comments
Redid a drawing from 2017. Haven’t seen much Dixie transformation out there do decide to draw this and now that I’ve redrawn it I still really haven’t seen much transformation of her. Story is someone dared me to wear a black bow and as soon as I did I started transforming. I’m not to happy as I have a feeling they knew this would happen. Kinda annoyed now.