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LSC: Human to Magpie by Jakkal
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Livestream Commission for Frysco of FA, of his character Morse changing into an anthro magpie.
Collared With Sketches by KrazyIvan
11013 views, 82 favorites, 2 comments
Decided to sketch out the rest of the sequence.
Dragonite Nr. 1 by ArcticFFFox
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Transformation potions can appear to be much, much less potent than they actually are. Always consult a professional before use. --- Personal drawing for practice and winding down. I had done a favorite Pokémon test ( this afternoon, after which I did it another time, but with transformation in mind. Whenever I had to pick from two, I asked myself the question "if I could pick only one of two transformation potions, but it'd be a once-in-a-lifeti...
Where do the clothes go when you transform? by Manto
9383 views, 79 favorites, 9 comments
high quality magic ;)
Sudden onset Dragoness-ification by Mxmaramoose
4868 views, 79 favorites, 7 comments
he'd been looking for a Dragon kigurumi for ages, unfortunately the one he wanted was all sold out if male sizes luckily he could fit a woman's large at stretch … and then well... maybe he shouldn't have trusted the shady knock off website he got it from. (This was a commission for Frost)
New Orca™ Integration Wetsuits! by Ciervo
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With this new design, you'll feel like you have a totally new skin! --- Image suggested by Tos that took root in my brain last night and demanded to be drawn first thing after awaking. Leg merger. First time I've drawn that.
Lion to Bunny TF transformation by Tincrash
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A commission for Theo Winters
Feral Werewolf TF by Dog_Girl_Kari
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Originally had a campsite BG, but got lazy. Adding the sketch in as well as I think it has more character.
Cali by Tgwonder
15099 views, 78 favorites, 0 comments
It's good to read books, and randomly getting clothed. :V Book is, "Cat's Eye Pub" Commission for Chakat Midsnow.
Pyke Goes Equine! by Ciervo
8161 views, 78 favorites, 3 comments
This is a commission Shadowfox014 got for his friend Pyke. I hear the subject of the image loves it, which makes me feel great :) It was also fun to draw a pleasant, happy TF; I draw too few of them.