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Another Santa's Helper by Dragonmanmike
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Did you know that only femal reindeer have antlers in the winter? That means that all of Santa's reindeer are actually female. Seems Santa needs some more help this year. Too bad that you don't meet the physical requirements. Well thats easy with an easy fix with an enchanted harness. What? The scarf? Its just warm and stylish. YCH Commission for Ytoaster of thier character, who I believe is a dolphin getting turned into a lovely female reindeer. So happy with the pose on this one. Its...
[Comm] Go-RRRRNNNNUUUUH, Team! - by K-Libra by K-Libra
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Sketch commission for MasterShake3 on FA of a woman joining the Hershey Bears. Oh yea, she's having a great time for sure.~
[Comm] These Clothes are Uncomfortable by K-Libra
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Stream sketch commission for AgentCypher on FA. You can see him here transforming into a rat. Never mind the shifting flesh, those socks are getting pretty annoying!
Collared by KrazyIvan
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Been a while since i uploaded, no context on this. Enjoy
Hurdle to herded by KrazyIvan
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Horse TF with a dash of reality bending for my horse guy Nude available here:
Foxie by KrazyIvan
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Family photo
Dragoncoonthing by Kresblain
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Tony Ringtail gets to be a dragon for a day, with a little unwanted help from Dragonhead.
Ferret Undies by Weazel75
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> Is told he has no skill. > Responds by devoting way more time to what was supposed to be a silly image than he originally intended.
Punk Woodpecker Socks by Skychaser
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when ur not wearing enough black by THE COAST IS NEAR
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Taking inspirations for tf drawings from twitter trending topics. Today is world goth day.