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Halloween 2013 Raffle Prize - Richie by Eccentricchimera
9124 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
And here's another picture from last year's Halloween Raffle, this time with Richie being transformed into a Lion costume!
AgentCypher Border Collie TF - Sketch Commission by Ciervo
9100 views, 79 favorites, 0 comments
AgentCypher's second TF in as many days. Looks like he stopped being a kangaroo just in time to start wagging his tail!
At the furrycon by Sa_no
8988 views, 73 favorites, 8 comments
Toucan Splat! by Ciervo
8966 views, 45 favorites, 12 comments
Someone's been hit by a bucket of Danny BrandTM toucan paint! --- Sketched while on the plane today. I think I might be trying some more cartoony TF ideas in the near future! :D
Frills by ArcticFFFox
8951 views, 51 favorites, 0 comments
Twitter colored sketch commission for Rekzar. I heard they like frilly dresses, so I tried helping out a little!
El Aguará Guazú Alemán - Maned Wolf by Ciervo
2 images, 8937 views, 58 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for nightfirer. "Aguará guazú" is how you refer to the maned wolf in Guaraní :D
Kitsune Transformation (AT) by Tomek1000
8881 views, 86 favorites, 1 comment
art trade with my very good friend :iconphoenix-hound: she asked me to draw her transformation into 3 tail fox i must say it was realy fun to draw something new and hehe i love shading fluffy tails ^^ i had a bit work with it but fun was great
Otter TF for Treesy_stoat by Ichihara-chan
8822 views, 43 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for Treesystoat of himself turning into an... otter? It was supposed to be an otter, I promise!
Rowena's Little Problem (Commission) by Halcyon
8821 views, 76 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for CobaltK
rabbit tf by Kornepheross
8702 views, 56 favorites, 2 comments
com for a friend