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Aquatic Hybrid KSUIT 1049NG by K-Libra
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Part of an art trade with @nolhyaa Nolhyaa is a valuable aid in K-SUIT development and testing. Thanks to her there have been further advancements. Combining spinosaurus, orca, and modern snake traits. K-SUITs exist for people to live their fantasies and this means adaptability to one's desires and expanding them. ... Ok, out of kayfabe I took this farther than I planned to, since I just had an idea of what would look better. So, I tried a different way of coloring. This was pretty good f...
Critical Fail by WhenWolvesCryOut
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Alternate Title: When your DM is a kitsune -------------------- A player in our campaign rolled for meta knowledge, and rolled a natural 20. For those of you that don't know the meme, that causes the character to suddenly become aware they're just a piece in a game, surrounded by 'giant' players controlling the actions of themself and everyone they know. This is a bit of a "what if" they had rolled a critical fail instead, as suggested by my DM when I said I wanted to try drawing a sequenc...
AgentCypher Roo'ed - Sketch Commission by Ciervo
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Commission for agentcypher on FA - turning into a roo! (Forgot the bursting socks, but that'll come in his next commission, then... muahaha!)
Calling in Today (Coyote TF) by Gryphius
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TFW when you're trying to get ready for work and find yourself permanently transforming into a coyote... but you realize it means you won't have to go to work anymore so you're happy with the situation.
Where do the clothes go when you transform? by Manto
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high quality magic ;)
EvoRazzo tf by Heezy
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Request for evorazzo I've done animals to old cartoon characters to fursonas. I wonder what'll be next... Had fun drawing this, too. :)
This hurts! by Okamaru
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start of a transformation! and it looks to be pain full.
LSC: Human to Magpie by Jakkal
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Livestream Commission for Frysco of FA, of his character Morse changing into an anthro magpie.
dragon pants TF by Sa_no
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Belt of the Beast by Sa_no
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You're not hero anymore doggy