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Snaek Clothed by KrazyIvan
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Patron wanted something in a halloween-ish setting this month but felt werewolves were too common, so here's a snake...cos reasons Nudes for this noodle are available for the low low price of $3 along with a shiz load more here: Thanks:D
Patreon Request: Should have worn looser pants by HamsterToybox
10218 views, 28 favorites, 1 comment
For Dave S, who won the monthly request over on Patreon! His clothes are getting uncomfortably tight here... To be in with a chance of winning a request, and for more (Color!) TF art, check out my Patreon: Hurray for werewolves <3
Trade Tennis 2: Hacking Mishap by LanceNightingale
10184 views, 75 favorites, 5 comments
1: A fella tries to modify their character file on an MMORPG with a bit of magic and somehow the anti-cheat program catches it and causes some adverse... reactions, on the part of the gaming laptop. If you are interested in commissioning me, I am open for those. However if you are willing to contribute to my Patreon I would appreciate that greatly! Patreon Link-
Horse Head Hike by KrazyIvan
10088 views, 80 favorites, 2 comments
Another Horse TF for an awesome patron Nude version on my Patreon Page:
Police Promotion by Taitora
10085 views, 40 favorites, 1 comment
His hard work has finally paid off and he've been promoted! :3
Anteater tf by Heezy
10049 views, 62 favorites, 5 comments
Request for somebody here on Transfur. Guy turning into a anteater. This was fun to draw, though I think I could've done better with the posing. Maybe next time. :p
Mousehole by Swatcher
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On the bright side, your place just got a heck of a lot roomier.
Rats by Wat
9978 views, 142 favorites, 1 comment
Looks like she’s been ratted out. A bit back BSB took one of my pics and inked/colored it, I did the same with this one.
Livestream Commission: Horse to Anthro by Jakkal
9937 views, 39 favorites, 4 comments
A commission for @EHH123 of an adventurer's horse changing into a rather apathetic adventurer himself.
Sock pow zok bam by Tgwonder
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When normal sleeping wear becomes, interesting. :3 For varnamo on FA.