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Unicorn Slime by Mxmaramoose
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Hmm..Seems like playing with Rainbow Unicorn slime can have some weird effects on #TFTuesday
Explosive Temper by ArcticFFFox
20650 views, 73 favorites, 2 comments
Brachydios TF. He's getting huge! Commission from last year.
Lizard 8 AD Dragon Transformation by PickleJuice
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Sketch by Lizard 8 AD. Ink and color and quick shading by me. Stepping out of the shower, Lizard 8 AD finds the strange liquid mixed in with his shower water hast started to transform him... into a dragon.
V is for Velociraptor (JP Style) by Witchfiend
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The full story for this picture can be found on my FA page: -- From the beginning of June I started an alphabet of dinosaur tf's, each with an accompanying story, in mark of the arrival of Jurassic World. Previously uploaded on FA: I hope people will enjoy them here too.
Happy radioactive accident by Zho
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One day people might stop walking through suspicious dark hallways
U is for Utahraptor by Witchfiend
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....She rushed into a cubicle, grateful that it was clean at least, but when she expected to throw up, she instead felt her jaw distend as if her mouth was pulling apart. Eyes watering, she couldn't imagine what was happening to her face, and she was relieved when the pain finally stopped. Panting her mouth felt strange, as if there was suddenly more space inside. The way her tongue could curl inside unnerved her, but when used it to feel along the outside, she was shocked to feel that in place ...
Tiger by Taitora
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Test Of Beast by KrazyKurt
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Sometimes it happens that some experiments and tests become uncontrollable. And this incident is have no exception ...
Scientific Progress by Everard
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...goes 'squeak'. Was it a side effect of the memory serum, or an unexpected error in the teleportation matrix? Better run the tests again to make sure. Science!
Checking in to the Bug Hotel by Ametf
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Commission for Silao