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Witches loving delight by GrandStorm
18560 views, 81 favorites, 6 comments
This is also a another pic based on the mana orb concept. I was seriously wondering if I would ever finish this pic. It took hours and hours of color work so you had better enjoy it. Briana loves bewitching people and loves even more trying to get them to love each other at the same time. how sadisticly romantic. enjoy the honey moon XD
The Were Spell by ArcticFFFox
18494 views, 85 favorites, 5 comments
Kuro always tests her magic spells on Arctic before writing them down in her book. This particular one gave some unexpected, but very potent results... and with Kuro still having to develop a counterspell for it, she's stuck with this beast form of Arctic for a while until she figures out a working one. In the mean time, everyday activities with him become entirely different experiences for her. Belated V-day gift for Kuro/Lukurio.
Cat Shrine's Curse by Taitora
5 images, 18267 views, 67 favorites, 7 comments
Commission for CelestialRainicorn on Furaffinity. Uses some reference from anime Nyan Koi
Oh, miss maid kitty~ by Demyxia
18011 views, 200 favorites, 6 comments
Commission of someone being forced to wear a maid costume and then turning into a female kitty maid~ Enjoy!
Who's a Cute Kitty? - TF Comic by IndiWolf
6 images, 17875 views, 122 favorites, 3 comments
Sketch TF sequence commission for shadowfox014 Character © shadowfox014 Art © Me
Kitty 2 by blackshirtboy
17744 views, 258 favorites, 7 comments
Another variation on that catgirl design. Needed an image for my commission examples!
catboy by PedestrianWolf
17728 views, 171 favorites, 6 comments
A lab experiment.
Cat Ghost Possesion by Luxianne
17661 views, 101 favorites, 2 comments
Commission for Deiser
Livestream Commission: Housecat TF by Jakkal
3 images, 17634 views, 130 favorites, 5 comments
Another commission for Nothere. He asked for a woman changing into an animal and being completely indifferent to it. Since I got to make up the animal, the one that came to mind was a housecat!
Familiar Friend Redeux by KrazyIvan
4 images, 17543 views, 72 favorites, 4 comments
A remake of one of my first comics