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Cat TF by Tonde
2 images, 20667 views, 81 favorites, 4 comments
cat TF Seq
Possat, Quack! by everruler
5 images, 20459 views, 122 favorites, 10 comments
I'm not sure if this fits in any of the available categories. Commissioned by Mgeni.
griffoncatsm by Arania
5 images, 20250 views, 32 favorites, 7 comments
Jorg commission 3 of 4 :). A small wildcat is imbued with the same magical energy, unleashing a primal transformation into a large griffon.
nm-halfwaycat by Tincrash
20135 views, 46 favorites, 4 comments
kw-mathew-c by BlackRat
20058 views, 65 favorites, 0 comments
remake 5
Sassy Saddles by RushEloc
19819 views, 86 favorites, 6 comments
Cursula's been having a lot of trouble with sassy buff horse dudes. She's surprisingly fragile for a borderline omnipotent cat monster. I guess the CURSE AGENCY has an extra service on the side where they can produce imaginary friends for lonely little kids. It's a great way for a frustrated single mother to force a deadbeat dad to be part of his daughter's life. Y'know, just as an example.
kittytransform by ShadowsMyst
19747 views, 81 favorites, 1 comment
Don't Be Shelfish by RushEloc
19502 views, 91 favorites, 17 comments
Shit, guy's gotta have a hobby. You can get early access to other comics like these on my Patreon!
Changing Room by Carousel-Cat
19295 views, 266 favorites, 9 comments
A pretty kitty lady having some ... troubles in the changing room.
Pet - TF Comic by IndiWolf
19044 views, 119 favorites, 1 comment
Single page TF sequence for Pet Character © Pet Art © Me