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Thus Spake the Gods: Humans Suck by Sonicspirit
13 images, 23122 views, 50 favorites, 21 comments One day, the gods spoke, "Children, have ya learned nothing in all your struggles? Yeh all 're the same, and if we don't be teachin' you that, we wouldn't be doin' right by ya." And thus the world was changed. Across the globe, each creature, plant, and object received a kiss from the world itself, gifting each individual with new life. The life energy flowed through them, and awoke that which had been hidden deep inside. The spirits within shon...
nm-starting cattf by Tincrash
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cathalf by Mirandaleigh
22684 views, 204 favorites, 12 comments
You know when you wake up in the morning and you just need to stretch those muscles? Myaaaa! Uh oh, got milk?
I Love You <3 by Nakitacat
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My annual Halloween TF Pic :3 Hope you Like, I thought it would be a fitting first post.
Mal Pal Xx by KrazyIvan
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Brain was gullible enough to believe someone actually like him, in a way he was right just not who he'd intended. Patreon commision Re-upload due to context error and for some reason Transfur didn't let me upload the edited version to the same submission. Also added the original sketch, which was changed by patrons request.
trinity by Carillon
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If they are too small for you, let me know which one youd like to see bigger ;-)
Secrets of the Mana Orb by GrandStorm
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This one came to me in a Dream just last night, The image took roughly 15 hours, and I did it all on the same day (drools, eye twitching). This image also features a magical Item invented in my dream apperetly Called the Mana Orb. Its like an orb full of potion but its sealed up tight. however if your near it and start sucking with your mouth closed (like making a fishy face) the fluid appears in your mouth and can be gulped down. My dream was Vivid on this item The dream also had a lady giving ...
Anthro 101 by tfancred
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I did this pic for WTF (What the Fur), a futur furry commission. They decided to make a calandar to finance the convention and I had to make the september pic. Considering it is the "back to school" month, I deceided to sho an anthro. class. Those anthropology students didn't read the description of this class and they are pretty surprised by some of the side effects of their verry first anthropomorphic class. Done in Photoshop CS3 and drawn by hand.
cat by Carillon
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oh, yes...just another Cat
Mr. Rochester by Coyoteskin
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Reverse TF~ Warning: Absolutely NO penis is visible.