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VaycayKitty by Cobalt_K
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Never use your Twitter app while browsing TransFur. A girl preparing for summer vacation is much more China-bound than she realizes. I was inspired to do this sequence after taking interest in clothing-based transformations. Unfortunately I didn't have time to finish and color the entire thing, just the start and end points. The markings on her face are taken from a waving cat statue I saw while researching Chinese cats. I used internet translators for the Chinese dialogue, so I apologize for an...
Changing Room by Carousel-Cat
18191 views, 261 favorites, 9 comments
A pretty kitty lady having some ... troubles in the changing room.
I Love You <3 by Nakitacat
22027 views, 259 favorites, 15 comments
My annual Halloween TF Pic :3 Hope you Like, I thought it would be a fitting first post.
Kitty 2 by blackshirtboy
17070 views, 258 favorites, 7 comments
Another variation on that catgirl design. Needed an image for my commission examples!
julian by Sirenz
4 images, 59654 views, 255 favorites, 22 comments
Julian's 75%
Vixenkitty by Tgwonder
24575 views, 250 favorites, 6 comments
what's in the box? :V
Shoplifting by Bendzz
43710 views, 235 favorites, 16 comments
Though I don't see how this can possibly DETER shoplifters, it can't be argued that it's not effective.
Volleyball Accident by Little Napoleon
2 images, 30420 views, 215 favorites, 7 comments
Ear scritches have a peculiar effect on Nekonny... Nekonny, N-Chan, Yuki & Tina (c) Nekonny Art by me!
Bell Ringer by Robertge
14107 views, 210 favorites, 6 comments
*ring ring* Come here little pet~ I need of a cat girl~ And youre just the right type for me~ *ring ring, ring ring*
cathalf by Mirandaleigh
22392 views, 202 favorites, 12 comments
You know when you wake up in the morning and you just need to stretch those muscles? Myaaaa! Uh oh, got milk?