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Sphinx tf tg (art trade) by Tomek1000
10817 views, 65 favorites, 1 comment
art trade with someone from FA i must say it was cool to draw something other than dragons ^^
Eye Of Bestet by Okamaru
10808 views, 98 favorites, 6 comments
With this I am pleased to announce that i am now starting commissions as well as a fur affinity account. Everything is all set up and ready to go! Now on to the Art The Eye of Bestet is a treasure like know other with bestowing cat like prowess and abilities to it's owner along with a couple of other's the score of the century for any Cat Burglar leading to much good fortune and wealth to it's owner/wear.
What do you think is in the punch? by Niche
10777 views, 50 favorites, 1 comment
Older drawing featuring myself and some friends at a Halloween party. Seems something is going around...
Sports Accident by WhenWolvesCryOut
10633 views, 71 favorites, 3 comments
Sketch Commission for Lifeforcer. Cursed tennis racket that turns ya into a busty catgirl.
WereCat by Zibyr
10575 views, 128 favorites, 2 comments
Guy turns into big were cat. Sketches done to FURY-161 in fa.
CATBOY by Sa_no
10143 views, 91 favorites, 3 comments
catmouse by Liger
10103 views, 17 favorites, 1 comment
Cat and Mouse
longhairedbrian by Bilious
9961 views, 18 favorites, 3 comments
I know a lot of you are going to go "Wusdis go2 do wit TIFFeh??" so befor you get weird and silly on me please read the description :3 horray! This is a portrait of my werecat Brian I doodled in photoshop last night, experimenting with a new look on him- inspired from the current storyline for the book series he's from. I was very impressed with myself for how this quicky came out, and figured it's an excellent example of his human form, inspiring me to do some other illustrations similar to th...
Biomods by Hukeng
9935 views, 64 favorites, 10 comments
The cyber age equivalent of getting a dumb tattoo or piercing.
A Masked Surprise by Hukeng
2 images, 9911 views, 38 favorites, 0 comments
Commission for yowza. A cat-themed face mask leads to all sorts of feline shenanigans.