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Goose TF by Binturongboy
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A picture I did for my boyfriend as a sorta b-day thing since his uni campus has alot of geese he came up with the idea of himself turning into a goose.
Entranced by the Feathers by Vultsky
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Hello all! I wanted to make a little surprise for my buddy 0plm, It's his birthday today so wanted to make a little something for him. Line art done by: Inking and Coloring done by Me And here's the original on FA
'Bird Head' Evolution by Birvan
7850 views, 20 favorites, 2 comments
The evolution of a creature I came up with in 2012 I'm still not set on the coloring though. Nor do I have a name for the species either ^^; They're known as "bird heads". Their round dorsal plumage and the giant fake eye resemble a giant severed bird head from a distance That unusual plumage serves 2 functions. To blend with the forest dense ground vegetation where they live in and to trick predators Both the fake eye and plumage size make the predators think they're a lot bigger than the...
Now in Color by Kitsunefan
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For Seneca on Furaffinity Rio is helping him become more of a bird
Exotic Food by Kitsunefan
9189 views, 41 favorites, 4 comments
Always good to have new experiences
Tailfeather an aching by Gaia1234
8473 views, 61 favorites, 6 comments
Ahahah, some anthro cartoon bird tf thing.
Human Face to Avian Animation Attempt by K-Libra
10134 views, 42 favorites, 6 comments
Something I won't keep in scraps since it's not as muddy as the first. Attempt number 2 at animating transformation.