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batty copy by PedestrianWolf
18677 views, 120 favorites, 8 comments
Hi there, I'm new. ^_^ First upload! A cave explorer came across the guardian of said cave. He will soon be joining the thousands of other bats that occupy the cave.
fruit snacks by Corvidima
20159 views, 84 favorites, 11 comments
Artist Challenge #5: Fruit Snacks! Quick 'n' Dirty - all I've got time for.
Lanceboxx by Zho
8921 views, 46 favorites, 5 comments
@Lancefoxx turning into a bat. A request from him x3 I quite like it
tommy by Arania
5 images, 40928 views, 83 favorites, 9 comments
Tommy Christensen - an air force person had an unfortunate crash just off Moreau's island, and finds himself a very different sort of flyboy. Now Complete!
cb goth by Currerbell
18559 views, 83 favorites, 5 comments
Goth girl gets a little more in touch with the dark side. Sorry for the poor scan, I will try to get it cleaned up soon.
cirebatc by PickleJuice
10 images, 60136 views, 322 favorites, 22 comments
Cire is struck again. There's a plan at work here, but someone's going to be quite surprised how it turns out.
bat by Carillon
12285 views, 33 favorites, 2 comments
...why do I draw these nfty little pictures, while I rather should do something for my studies...
Racheal the Werebat by Shiro
36748 views, 155 favorites, 8 comments
A werebat TF via a little lunar light...
kw-vampbat-cl by BlackRat
19095 views, 76 favorites, 1 comment
the upside to being a vampire
batmad by Liger
10873 views, 36 favorites, 2 comments
Facing his fear of heights, Timothy finds that he rather likes them.