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Recent Additions

Join the glow by Danwolf
4144 views, 31 favorites, 4 comments
Bug TF comission for Forepawz Uuuu ! It was a lot of fun to work this one ! Glowing butt is shiny butt,corgi's not sure how to react :3
Tailfication by KrazyIvan
5778 views, 55 favorites, 2 comments
Wolf Out! by V
4292 views, 72 favorites, 2 comments
Colour commission for Daze-Snow-Leopard as a Werewolf! :D
Hawrooooeenn by V
4233 views, 48 favorites, 5 comments
Colour commission for lykanos :D
Dealing with Snake Juice - COMM by Ametf
6992 views, 75 favorites, 1 comment
Commission for Silao.
Yoga Studio by KrazyIvan
6121 views, 22 favorites, 2 comments
Those alternative herbal suppliments are largely untested you know.
Halloween goat by Danwolf
1883 views, 11 favorites, 2 comments
The last TF bust for this year's Halloween ! Creepy Danwolf goat :D Happy halloween everybody !
Night of the drake 201 colourised by KrazyIvan
7135 views, 55 favorites, 10 comments
As promised some colour this time
Moo Cow by Cayuga
4833 views, 50 favorites, 4 comments
A quick TF of a lady getting cowified and then sneaking out a reflexive "moo". It happens.
Lycanroc takeover by Danwolf
1994 views, 19 favorites, 1 comment
I really liked the night form soo I couldn't pass the oppurtinity =W= Danwuff getting taken over by the crazy werewuff form >:3