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Seeking power by Manto
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She knew the potion would turn her into a monster, but didn't expect it to be a three headed one... As the change started, an ache grew inside her head..
Werewolf tf by Manto
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The slower the better
Burst out! by ArcticFFFox
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Transformations into large creatures can get very uneven sometimes. Experimenting with poses/angles a little. (Wings start to grow later.) Warm up thing!
Tomcat by Hukeng
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For whatever reason, he seems to be cursed with bad luck...
Jiffy Boob by RushEloc
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I hate accidentally going to these!
The cute hoarder dragon by Danwolf
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Comission for Philly We've been talking about what kinda tf should I do for him and we've ended up with the idea : His husky turning slowly into a small cute hoarding dragon on the top of a plushie pile. I love how this turned out,did a little bit too much detail on the pile,but who cares I had fun with it x"3 look out,I was bored soo I drawn in a LOT of easter eggs next to the Husky plushies
Capturing the Moment by Stickmanwww
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6 page Comic Commission for Tivadu on Furaffinity ~~~~ In a top secret sanctuary, the guards and keepers have been spraying out a chemical pheromone across the fields via piping to encourage the big cats to mate and increase the population. Unfortunately they discovered their formula was a little too strong and began to affect those with unprotected contact. They had to keep it a secret at all costs. But still managed the area under the guise of a wildlife sanctuary. And you just had ...
Wrong Injection [CM] by Hukeng
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Commission for Yowza. Big lizard lady transformation!
But First... by ArcticFFFox
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Ah, it's Arctic time again, right when I was taking a walk on the beach, too -- might as well take a selfie before my hands turn to paws and I can't hold my phone anymore. Guess I'll try a grin...? *attempts grin*
Sabertooth by Hukeng
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Cave paintings suggest that occasional instances of spontaneous shapeshifting have been known as early as the middle pleistocene...