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Puzzling Dragon Transformation (Syrup TF) by Cenrji
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Syrup the Dragon from the Puzzles & Dragons series. My first TF where I actually attempt to make my TFee subjects as solid characters, random than something generic. Mostly did this TF because the other Syrup TF I saw didn't depict the character properly. No offense to that artist, but Syrup supposed to look cute! Anyways, my scientist fellow (let's call him Isaac Maple) had founded one of those orbs seen in the games. But eureka...! It transformed him into cute dragon fellow you see here!
Col on Sketch : A Hero Bold by Urbanvixen
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Commission for an awesome regular customer of his Rookie Superhero character fighting evil and saving the w-... oh.... ah, well, points for effort I guess ? This was far too much fun to do - going for a comic-book style image. I made up the ChangeBeast on the fly, but now there must be more. I want a ChangeBeast of my very own ^.^
Experiment by Sa_no
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Paybacks A Bitch by KrazyIvan
4560 views, 88 favorites, 8 comments
School politics take an awkward turn for Samantha
Guilmon goo TF by Sa_no
2211 views, 27 favorites, 3 comments
Dragonknight by Inkblot
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The family lived a quiet life On the hills outside of town But all of that would change one day When the dragon did come around Its breath stank of vile death Its scales were black as night His claws were sharp as razors And in death he did Delight It laid waste to the people's Home Her parents did whats right they went of to the town alone to give the beast a fight The dragon was formidable The knights were full of zest despite their will and awesome might The dragon did out-bes...
Lycan bite by Danwolf
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Comission for Digitalpotato I always wondered if a Lycanroc bites someone does it work like a werewolf ? :O Looks like a wanna-be trainer got bit by one and look ! He's turning into a rare shiny one OwO Get those pokeballs ready !
Not Gaming by KrazyIvan
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Break over
Tallymander by KrazyIvan
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Not actually a TF... So apparently I'm doing profile pictures now, i would call this a fursona but its more like a scalesona or slimesona #slimesona ftw P.S salamanders are the weirdest ive done so far.
Fox curse TF by Sa_no
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