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Alligator TF by Mogliboy
2656 views, 43 favorites, 3 comments
A commission for a client. Currently taking commissions See my Tumblr for detail :)
Sean's Fate (commission) by Mogliboy
2889 views, 37 favorites, 2 comments
Sean didn’t believe the stories about Pleasure Island, this jackass is finding out now
Pigging Out by Jakkal
4 images, 7354 views, 42 favorites, 3 comments
Commission for @Ealadubh of himself as a traveller in a medieval setting. He was able to secure shelter for the night in a barn, but at what cost?
Bug spray - part 1 by Danwolf
3039 views, 14 favorites, 4 comments
First part of a lovely sequence for Forepawz (I love drawing bugs and cockroach is my favorite >_<) Be careful what bug spray do you use. This corgi bought the exact opposite (the bug on the bottle should be crossed out,also there's one more small detail under it x3) Guess the doggo is screwed the spray already shows his side effects o-o *eeps*
YCH2-Crystal of Change by Fringedog
4947 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
The second picture in the YCH prompts commissions set, and first to be commissioned. Currently the first one("Among the Ruins" ) is still open until the end of the month. Once October starts, remaining prompts(including one I'm still working on) will likely be shelved and recycled for some personal projects as I taken the new month's monthly's patreon sketch requests.
Ych3-Documenting Changes by Fringedog
4170 views, 62 favorites, 2 comments
Completed version of the third image in a set of YCH commissions prompts I recently offered.
Late! - Dragon TF by Dondedun
3544 views, 71 favorites, 3 comments
Mysterious things happen to those who are late to class
Horse Face TF Redraw by EduartBoudewijn
3787 views, 67 favorites, 6 comments
Here's a redraw of my very first dA submission; which I submitted exactly 10 years ago today! At the time I drew it in Microsoft Paint with just a mouse and a "How to draw Manga" book. As far as I remember I didn't even have a reference of a horse handy at the time; which explains why it in no way resembles a horse. I really wanted to do a redraw of this first piece on the 10 year mark as a bit of a benchmark as to ho...
AP Doe Butt by Dragon-Storm
4133 views, 60 favorites, 2 comments
New stuff for sale, check it out or not your all adults and can do whatever you want
Hot Sauna by Fazar
5074 views, 99 favorites, 2 comments
More Fox TF.